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Ellie Goulding : THE END lyrics

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Ellie Goulding lyrics : "THE END"

We've only ever kissed lying down
We've only ever touched
When there's no one else around

I can be elusive
If you want me to
I'm not being intrusive

I just wish I knew the truth

As to why

I wait for you
Longer than the average person would
And why

I think about you
More than I think one should

Our bodies fit together
Like a make-shift puzzle
And it's clear to see why you puzzle me

And you turn your frame
And you whisper my name
As though I am a burden

Cause I'm making up for lost time
And I'm making up for you

And I'm waking up from last night
And I'm waking up with you
So what's new?

So what's new?

I am at your house

So I belong to you for now
Trying to impress you
But lord I don't know how

I can be a statue
If you want me to
I'm not being difficult

I just need to know the truth

As to why

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