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Ellie Goulding : Believe Me lyrics

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Ellie Goulding lyrics : "Believe Me"

Listen, I can hear a voice,
I need a helping hand,
just to beat the void.

I need a mission,
a dream to stop me talking to myself
and now the silence is broken,

and my soul is to sell
I need to pick up the peices
to scatter to the wind

Hold the city to your ears
you can hear the wind come in

But you change the world with a
sond and you can't make it right when it's

I can't stop this music travelling round with
me wherever I go, it's playing for you.
I can't stop this voice unravelling round

me whatever I do. It's talking to you
The world dances to the rhythm of its own
heart beating for you, however you lose

So speak to me - believe me.

Don't let it slip, through your fingertips.

When there's a ghost,
don't try to reason with it
Because now I'm tired, I'm weird,

so I won't miss a think.
I rope my words out to dry
and I've forgotted what to sing

But you can't change the world
with a song and you can't make it right
when it's wrong

If that's what it was to you,
then that's what it was to me.

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