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Elle Varner : I only want to give it to you lyrics

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Elle Varner lyrics : "I only want to give it to you"

Verse 1
I only want to give it to you, girl,
You're always on my mind,

And you're so beautiful,
So beautiful,
Like an Angel that,

Has fallen from the,
Heaven up above,
Girl, from the start,

You know we were meant to be,
You caught my eyes like no other girls could do,
So, why are you resisting all the love from me,

I only want to give it to you.

Verse 2
Girl, you're my sweetie pie,
You can call me 'Sugar Dadda',

And my flow go smootha',
Smoother like your skin,
Your lips taste like cherry,

You'd be driving me crazy,
I'll be driving you like my 'HOT RIDE',

That night, we're in da' club,
Them [email protected]^%s, tryna' get my attention,
But you caught my attention,

You are unresistable,
From the first look,
I knew couldn't resist the lust,

Just me and you,
Sittin' by da bed,
Doin' da' 69,

And my balls go jiggle,
You'd be feeling like, christmas.

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