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Elle Maison lyrics : "Don't Cry for me"

Don´t Cry For Me I can breathe
don´t Cry For Me I can be your all
In this journey through the fog

This journey through the fog

I took a break right before I lost my inner step

to the holes in the wall
Came crashing in my world and it wasn´t as I expect
No regrets

Take my worries away lead me not to temptation
Just lead me to a place where I can be free
Not bothered by the stress of humanity

Or the words you speak when your looking at me
Cause I know a great deal about this place
I walked here before

Before we took records
Before words came out
Before the energy was sucked from the life of earth

And replaced by the hunger of money
Oil hasn´t gotten us any further
Just further to the ruins of this planet


I don´t take for granted of what I have
What other don´t have I could give and give
Until I can´t rap or sing

Give nothing else of my heart or soul
Come pouring out
I traveled this plain in search of a meaning

What we found is what we know but can´t admit
I can admit see I´m not perfect and nor shall
I be in this lifetime define

Define Me

[Repeat Chorus]

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