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ELLE MADISON lyrics : "Restless"


It's so hard to be you

It's so hard to be what you want from me
I pick a berry just to see if your very
Intelligent, you come to me and pull me your way

The wolves are howling and the moon ain't even thirsty
Your fickle weather and your pleasure
Have you tongue tied

Forever treasure and you say you'll always be fine
But the wicked measure, can't be predicted ever
All the falling leaves have me feeling real free

Chorus x2:
Oh and stars I'm catching

Oh, I'm feeling restless
And I can't break a feeling that you have for me

Do you want from me?
Or am I just conjecting
You're persuading me to feel what I've succumb to

Sentimental its preventable
But the feeling that you have for me I won't let go
I'm questioning if you have me feeling lucid

'Cause I love Lucy even though she was erratic
Intervene if you see that I'm filthy
But if it's filth then the truth is you want it dirty

A little dirt won't hurt you'll rid if you're not healthy

Repeat Chorus

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