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ELLE MADISON lyrics : "Hater Lemonade"

This ain't the zeros babe
I sing about more then just champagne
Yeah, I like to drink

but my lyrics ain't gonna be so weak
You lay in the shade
Pretending how high your getting paid

I'm calling off wars
But all the girls only want fights and

Put your clothes back on
See if you sell -then (*##$ its on
Your blinders bright

You shine on like a star
Yeah, you're right
So if we're all just equal

why we still building bricks in sequel

North, South, East, West

Somebody gonna always outshine the best
If its the best you want
I'm popping up like Hollywood stars on ice

Drinking hater lemonade
Bumping this at your salon and place
I'm very lady like

Sorry officer I don't drive and drink

I wanna be a star

I believe what I say and I know what I do
Ask me! I root for fun
When it's all done I'm always back

Back me up
In a crowd full of heads
Your a queen with a crown

Ask me All the best around
Believe in yourself
And you'll never be down

Repeat Chorus

I claim I'm ready
So ride with me
I am thirsty

Driving in the fast lane
When they throw their lemons
Make hater lemonade

Time won't change it's an earthly thing
Write me a novel follow destiny

I'm riding with models in my escapades
My ego says let your echo leave
Mirror, mirror on the wall

No matter what they say
You're the fairest of 'em all
You can do what I do

Do what you do
Together we can go

Repeat Chorus

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