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ELLA MAE MORSE lyrics : "The House of Blue Lights"

Featuring: Freddie Slack
His Orchestra
Don Ray

[Piano boogie intro with vocal stylings (scat).]

[Raye, spoken:]
Well, wha-ah-ahtcha say, Baby?
You look ready as Mr. Freddie, this black.

How 'bout you an' me goin' spinnin' at the track?

[Morse, spoken:]

What's that, Homey?
If you think I'm goin' dancin' on a dime,
Your clock is tickin' on the wrong time.

[Raye, spoken:]
Well, what's your pleasure, Treasure?

You call the plays, I'll dig the ways.

[Morse, spoken:]

Hey, Daddio,
I'm not so crude as to drop my mood,
On a square 1 from way back.

I'm in there and have to dig life with Father.
And I mean Father Slack. 2

[Raye, spoken:]
Well, Baby, your play gives my wig a solid flip.
You snap the whip, I'll make the trip.

[Verse 1:]
Well, lace up your boots and we'll broom on down,

To a knocked-out shack on the edge of town.
There's an eight-beat combo that just won't quit,
Keep walkin' till you see a blue light lit.

Fall in there and we'll see some sights,
At the House of Blue Lights.

There's fryers and broilers, 3
And Detroit barbecue ribs,

But the treat of the treats,
Is when they serve you those fine, eight beats.
You'll want to spend the rest of your brights,

Down at the House, the House of Blue Lights.

[Piano boogie break with vocal stylings (scat).]

[Verse 2:]
Ey, we'll have a time and we'll cut some rug, 4

While we dig those tunes like they should be dug.
It's a real homecomin' for all those cats, 5
Just trilly down a path of welcome mats.

Fall in there and we'll see some sights,
At the House, the House of Blue Lights.

[Piano boogie outro with vocal stylings (scat).]

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