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ELJIN lyrics : "Light One Up (remix)"

Verse 1:
I Know we can have a little fun,
Then we can go ahead and light one up,

And take flight on the inside,
We can do anything you like, girl I don't mind,
Yeah, you and me we can get our problem started,

We can be a fail, let's get red carded,
I know it's something new, but I can get you through,
Let me tell you what to do,

Light one up, take it to the head,

If we gettin' high, we can take it to the bed, girl you herd what i said,
I can make it juicy for ya, like a record baby I can make a movie for ya, (1x)

Verse 2:
Your body be bangin', thick on the legs,
Taking a puff and smoke to the head,

We chillin', shots that we killin', touching your body how you feelin',
Breathin' hard, fantasize this fantasy,
$#&@ me real good, taking a couple ecstasy,

Caressing and back scratching now $#&@,
We gettin' down like it's nothin' your rooms locked,
And now you know it's somethin' you wantin' you feelin' the high,

Lips on lips you closing your eyes, my body fall onto your thighs,
Now let the hotness rise,
We burnin' now you're drippin' wet,

I'm moving, doing what I'm doing now you're dripping sweat,
The way you moaning, you want me hit it from the back,
You can't control and now you grindin' on my lap,

I'm a bad boy you know wassup,
Gettin' down with me and baby light one up, (yeah)


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