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Elizaveta lyrics : "Odi Et Amo"

You told me that you loved me
And kissed me in the street

I felt your arms around me
Like ground beneath my feet
You promised me forever

Your poems were so clever
I never saw your mask

You gave your heart so freely
I could not even see
It wasn't you who smiled right back at me

Odi Et Amo Odi Et Amo
Me Oscuros

I'm not afraid of darkness
That walks the city streets
Betrayel is the one thing that brings me to my knees

I thought you were an angel
My rescue from this hell
The devil was an actor who played his part too well

You vanished in the shadows
And suddenly I knew
That I would give my life to be with you

Odi Et Amo, Odi Et Amo
Me Oscuros

Odi Et Amo, Odi ET Amo

I don't mean to leave it up to fate

Love is just another side of hate
It's flowing through my veins
It burns me from within

The line between a lover and enemy's grown thin
Too late for the sinner to be saved
Your heart is the mystery I craved

You're pushing me too far
You've brought me to my knees
When pain becomes to pleasure

And torture feels like bliss

Odi et amo, Odi et amo

Me Oscuros
Odi et amo, Odi et amo

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