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ELIZABETH GOOEN lyrics : "The difference"

I've seen some things needless to say,
Could have been avoided if I hadn't tried to play
Older than I am,

Faster, there i go again and
Fifteen is for learning: "love doesn't last"

I won't spend my days
Writing letters and painting my face
Things still change

Even when I turn away

Flowers bloom we're headed for spring

I still haven't noticed a change in anything different
In a man
They always stay the same and

Summer will be coming,
Faster than you think

Don't say you see me
When you close your eyes
And picture how things could be

'Cuz your future is empty;
A shallow silence without me

There's a difference between growing up and letting go
(Letting go)
It's nothing to me

(Letting go)
And you say you've gone (you've gone)
(Letting go)

Like you never meant to leave

I won't spend my days

Getting disappointed over things I can't change
Nothing stays the same
'Cuz we're forgotten like a book marked page

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