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Elizabeth Cook lyrics : "El Camino"

I know this guy, he's all wrong for me

He wears shirts that are trippin on LSD

I must be high as a kite on diesel fumes

He got me sportin' bell bottoms and braids to school

I never thought he'd get this far

Certainly not in THAT kind of funky-ass car

He's been pickin me up everyday at the curb

In his nineteen seventy-two refurb

EL CAMINO (Brown and Tangerine)

EL CAMINO (Drinkin gasoline)

CAMINO (Lean and obscene)


I told him your car is CREEPY man

And not in a gangsta kinda way

But in a PERV kinda way

You got a lot of nerve drivin that kind of car

And takin me fishing out to the park

You're like some dude on blow in that movie Boogie Nights

And this Friday night you wanna go to the fights in your?

After Saturday matinee roller derby

We went parking and things got blurry

I thought man I can't get much hotter

And then I caught a whiff of pina colada

And we were making love in the disco era

And he was Travolta and I was Farrah

I was like man what is happening here

Dude must of put a qualude in my beer

If I wake up married, I'll have to annul it

Right now my hands are in his mullet

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