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ELIZA NEALS lyrics : "Love Hurts More"

Love as constant as the rain'
Splashin down time and time again
Love me when you see me

And tell me what you know
You say it doesn't matter now
But I say let's run away

Before we get blown away like the driftin snow


Love hurts more the second time
Trying to find some rhythm
Trying to find some rhyme

I said love love love love love
Hurts more the second time
I'll spend time wondering if things will work out fine

Or do I just keep walkin the fine line
Ooh Tell me tell me tell me tell me

Verse 2
Hope for eternity

Or is it the end of the line
Just hold me close baby one last time
Oh one last time

When my plan falls flat
And I'm hanging by a noose yeah
My heart starts to flatline

And I just wanna call a truece
I just wanna call a truece

I said baby Love Hurts More the second time
Trying to find some rhythm tryin to find some rhyme

Love Hurts More when your down

Light me up baby
Hold me close honey

Let know now
Cmon kiss me
Do you love me

Do you want me
Ah ah ah

Chorus and Out

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