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ELIZA DUSHKU lyrics : "My Console"

My console believe me I like it on
I'm that (*##$ with the box
That can pwn 'til dawn

Trollin' you noobs
With my fresh moves
While my $#&@in' gamepad

Vibrates and you lose
I'm sorry if you cant't understand
But I need my console

Hooked up to broadband
Don't mean to offend
During online chat

But you say "rematch"
I say "$#&@ that"
So what I'm a chick

With a purse and lipstick
It's my tits and mad skills
Versus your "little stick"

My name is Dushku
I star on TV shows
But I couldn't survive

Without my console
Terrorizin' my friends
With the press of a button

I talk a bunch of %#@! to noobs
But they don't say nothing
My console's hot from being best

My nickname is "Red Ring of Death"
Controller in grip 'bout to go beyond
Get fresh batteries if I don't respond

Cause I pawn everyday at home or away
I disconnect so quick they can't complain
I'm that (*##$ who runs the show

Keepin' noobs sayin' "whoa!"
But I know I can't live
Without my console

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