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ELIVAGAR lyrics : "Nightwandering"

It was a distant call that woke me up
In darkest hours
Sweet whispering voices from nameless spheres

Lead me to my path through the silent night

Pale moonlight gave everything

A surreal breath of life
And the whole world seemed to be another one
In these silent hours

It was a beautiful dream
That spread out it's arms to embrace me

And to show me that there are more things
In life to see

My way went on through a misty forest
Suddenly I realized a glittering lake
Between the mighty trees.

It mirrored the moon and the stars
That watched me from above

And their past now was lying in the deep water.

So near but still untouchable

Their past ran through my fingers
As I tried to make the time stand still

Then I dived into the universe and became one
With all times that had been and will come
Easily I flew beyond the stars until the cold blackness

Consumed me, consumed me in the night of wisdom.

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