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Elite lyrics : "Grand Piano"

I'm siting at the grand piano
got plans to handle
gotta dripping down the ties like whacks on the candle set

on the paddle back when I was only 19
tryin to teach some kids how to chase a pipe dream damn
I ain't even been figure out you

I just sold a couple beats
got a couple wild checks
got a couple outfits

got to put the rest away though
I'm happy that I did, she got heavy..
way to way to pingle every time I'm sipping on they got modelos

how she wanna label and she ain't bringin sheets to the table
hell no you can come and take a look though
that glass slipper ain't fitting on your foot though

I couldn't show her every little nook every cranny in my book
I ain't planning to be hooked though
cook so good I almost reconsider

that I just finish now another one is calling me to get up
%#@! I ain't complaining, I ain't complaining
boy you know what I've been and I ain't explaining

I ain't debating, I ain't debating
time is all we got and no I ain't tryin to waste it no more, no more, no more
no no, no no, no

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