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Elite Ft. J. Cole lyrics : "World Premiere"

[j. cole - chorus]
stick to the script boy, get hit boy

my life a movie, enjoy
i'm glad you waited, we finally here
this is the world premiere

come get with it
i'm 'bout to get it
you f-ckin' critic, you talk, i live it

to the coffin with it, i don't need your reviews
lets start the show and f-ck the previews
[elite - verse 1]

w-w-w-welcome, buckle up with your seatbelts
and take them standards where you held 'em
push them up a couple buildings

i be up there, it's fun here
you see me, now wait one year
so high i'm talking michael jordans sticking out his tongue air

i swear i feel like ali when he finally fights
all the hype building up my fruits of labour, finally ripe
it's that world premiere if you listening

i hope you know what your witnessing
this motion picture i'm living in
it's dope as %#@! and it's just beginning

we here
big screen, now they looking up to me
i aint seeing nothing you better pull up a seat

[j. cole - chorus]
[elite - verse 2]
yeah, thanks jermaine

i'm feeling pretty good, i can't complain
to the labels they better raise they aim
i put my foot down til they ankle sprain

we aint the same, ya'll rap good, hurray for you
y'all haters, beat, i made this too
mix my %#@! so it bang too

all in my lil' spare bedroom
imagine where i'm headed
edit it in my head until i get it perfect

then i work it til i get it
it's ? in this (*##$ to name at least shout out to dreamville
? running checks, couldn't get better, team build


big screen, now they looking up to me

i aint seeing nothing you better pull up a seat
[j. cole - chorus]
[elite - verse 3]

who woulda ever thought, i did (*##$
if you sleeping, i'ma spit it til ya eyelids split
this is tick tick tick, lick wick bomb %#@!

this the sure thing hit like the (*##$ you went to prom with
never mind and doubt it y'all, ya'll just be non-believers
swear i'm bout to ball, i should be silent sneakers

teach us some tricks, she spinnin like a !@$^o star
flip it to the otherside when she ride like a foreign car
better want this more than y'all

goota put the pro's before the con's
ready gettin' focused, ready gettin' closer
cue the fade out with a slow dissolve

[j. cole - chorus]

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