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ELISE TEITZEL lyrics : "November"

there was a house in a street
and a chair in that house
and you in that chair waiting for me walk in

and there were flowers on the table that you bought for me.

we watched on the screen a movie that i hadn't seen

then you told i was what you'd been waiting for
i was so sure

but i was hurricane
and you were the mess i made
and now its too late

cos im catching a plane

but ill be home in novemeber

and i'll be so much better
and we'll get back together
maybe this time forever

i stood in the room making eyes just at you
but you just put your face in your hands and say that we were through

and i still feel the same for you

so ill leave this place with you inside my veins
but ill miss you every single day from london to spain
but i have to go

you were my milestone
you are like coming home

i gave you all i had
but you gave it back


i was a hurricane
and you were the mess i made

now its too late
cos I'm catching a plane


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