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ELISABETH WITHERS lyrics : "The World Ain't Ready"

[Verse 1:]
She had the mind of a woman, and a body of a man
No one she talked to,would wanna understand

Spent her lonely days pretending
Some how fitting in
But at night she put her high heels on

Showing her sexy skin
She'd tear up the dance floor
Breaking every rule

Driving every guy crazy
No one really knew
The struggle she was goin through

Playing different roles
Wouldn't let you get you close
Afraid to be exposed

Be you the real you

Love who you are
Don't let nobody confuse your precious heart
Somebody's right might be a wrong

Girl you know where you belong
Do what you gotta do
Even if the world aint ready for you

[Verse 2:]
Guy at the corner store

Got a daughter who likes girls
No matter how he tries
Daddy can't change her morals

So he buys her pretty dresses
Instead of Baseball Caps
And handpicks her flowers

And kisses her while she naps
The girl loves her daddy
And wants to see him happy

Says "I do" to a man
Hugs her family at the wedding
But underneath the vail

She feels she decieved
Her man

Her lover
And the daddy she wanted to please


[Verse 3:]

So easy to laugh at somebody
Without giving a chance
Single out the stranger

Not trying to understand
That people come in different
Sizes, colors, and beliefs

So quick to point the finger
Until the finger points at you


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