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ELISABETH WITHERS lyrics : "Be With You"

[Verse 1:]
I Notice Everytime When We're Out Together - And You See Some Hottie
Passing By You Quickly Turn Your Head (Uh Uh)

Don't Try To Shake It Off Say Whatever - Baby I Ain't Blind
Cuz I'm Not Trying Blame You

What's On Your Mind? - What Turns You On? - Cuz Baby It's Ok
You Know I Love You And Tonight - We're Gonna Play

I Wanna Be With You - Turn The Lights Down Low - Pull My Shirt Up

Open The Buttons One By One - And Watch You Come Undone
I Wanna Be With You - From My Skin Tight Jeans To The Lingerie

Tonight I'm Gonna Be - Every Woman - In Your Fantasy

[Verse 2:]

Switch Your 2-Way Off And Light The Candles
Put The Slow Jam On
Cause All There Is Is You And Me Here

Baby Lean Back Make Yourself Comfortable
Take Your Shoes Off Loosen Your Tie
Cause You Aint Going Nowhere Tonight

Let Me Cook A Little Something For You

It's My Kitchen And I Know What Im Gon Do
Work The Dough With Extra Care - Add A Little Spices Everywhere
Steam The Meat With Wine And Juices

Turn Up The Heat - No Excuses
Whip The Eggs And Prepare The Candies
Taste The Flavors Make Sure It's Ready

[Chorus X2]

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