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ELIGH lyrics : "The Mountain"

I am the wizard of this mountain
come to see me in stress
and my crow he sits beside me

when you enter you blessed
ya announce the name out in my home
I take my pride from my work

one look inside your eyes I see your personality quirks
I am the mystic of the valley
spreading magick abroad

reaching people far and wide
astral projecting the stars
cast the universal charge

watch it light up the room
I make believe for you for me who had the need for that home
I take a piece of my pipe with a light to make it afternooney(?)

take a piece of my strife burn it up by making something useful

(in the heat of the night)

I make music with my machines
floating across the seas with every breath I breathe
in the heat of the daylight

travel across the side-movement
like a gypsie sharing the gift with passers by
in the heat of the moment, might pick myself some grass

where I sit and reminisce about the beautiful past
sit back with this weed and proceed to get key
It's just me, a melancholy wizard wanna live right like

(what do you seek my boy)

make my general contribution
take my space with retribution
hermit-man lifestyle I'm choosin

stay in background set amu!@&(t
live my life on top of mountain
fill my sound to those who call for it

might as well be, alcoholic
addict, fetish to feel accomplished
i'm the man, with staff in hand

reaching out to foreign sands
takin chances, makin advances
invisibility increases ability

I take magick use it to make motion
unwrap the package, out comes the potion
feel it exert the work of my devotion

feel the works emerge like tides of ocean
pride is the potent quotient i'll evoke when
pens are juiced to infuse lines are soaked in

paper is the pedestal, metal is the mind mass
slicing sound waves, silver surfing the time wrap
used to clack away we walk the earth

but gandalf moves through alternate universal
you can't spot me but you can always catch me
wandering the valley, headed back to the mountain

creepin through alleys, lookin for the magick cauldron
tragic emotion takes over, now mind's frozen
lookin for the lover of late night disposal

take it in already but sleep-night controls yo

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