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Eli Young Band lyrics : "Skeletons"

Cross my arm is that old ink stain
God I wish I could erase that name
Reminds me that I'm the one to blame

I used to think that rules were made for breakin'
Now I question every road I've taken
And I regret every heart I've forsaken

Here's my confession

The mistakes I've made

Are comin' back to haunt me
Like a ghost from a grave
Always there to taunt me

You say its OK
You say you still want me
But you don't know where I've been

I'm no stranger to my sins
I've got skeletons
I've got skeletons

You tell me how a man can be forgiven
Start clean on the life he's livin'

How do you run from a demon
I've tried every single thing I know
It just wont let me go

I'm tired of walking down the same damn road
Towin' this load


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