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ELGIBBOR lyrics : "Epidemic Of Death (part I)"

Death unlamented, the dead unburied
Dead bodies decomposing and stinking like dung
All the killed and starved corpses

Served up as meals for carrion crows and mongrel dogs
The famous and obscure will die alike here
No funerals will be conducted

No one will say "I'm sorry"


(because) you are criminals
After all you've done to our God
You will be treat like this:

Assigned to die - (go and) - Die!
Assigned to war - (go and get) - Killed!
Assigned to starve - (go) - Starve!

Assigned to exile - (off to) - Exile (you will go)

Theres a signed the death warrant on all

The children born in this country
The mothers who bear them
And the fathers who beget them

An epidemic of death
No one feel sorry for you
No one will waste a tear


Four kind of punishment will be your fate:
Death in battle and corpses
Dropped off by killer dogs

The rest picked clean by vultures
The bones gnawed by hyenas
I will grab you and hit you hard, because you left God

Turned your back on Him, and walked away


[Based on Jeremiah, chapter 15]

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