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Elf Power lyrics : "Old Tyme Waves"

Sitting around
Watching you fall
From off that daisy

Tra la la la
You drift away
To enter the woods so green

How did you know I see you
How did you know I feel those rays

Trailing under the starshine
I never knew that you'd be aware

That I'd wake up and feel my spine
That I'd jump up and make the climb
Into the warmth of the sunshine

To reveal your olde tyme waves

Sitting around

Watching you crawl
Beneath those tulips
Tra la la la

you slip away
Towards the woods so blue

It took a thousand light years
For you to drift down into my eye
All I saw was blackness

Till you came down into my mind

Looking high into the sky

Your constellation shines so bright
Raining from the heavens to my rooftop
I feel your olde tyme waves

Your olde tyme waves
Your olde tyme waves

Your olde tyme waves

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