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Elexorien lyrics : "The Serpent Strikes At Sunstone Hill Pt. II"

[Part II. Crushing The Golden Gates]

[The Serpent Army prowls underneath the forest cloak]

"Gather, all ye warriors. Hearken! Our leaders call forth their troops! ''

[The battalion leaders order their legions to war]

"Legions of Chaos, this campaign will be over soon.
One by one, the cities of Karan knelt to our furious blades and fell to our unparalleled might.
Sunstone is the last pathetic attempt of defense by this pitiful kingdom of worthless savages, yet crushed it will be.

Hear the screams of terror arise from behind the city's walls; hear the cries of despair fill the darkening sky.
There is swift defeat for our enemies, yet long and gruesome suffering, as a bloodthirsty flood of Serpents form ranks!
We will annihilate their last legions.

Leave none standing! To battle!"

[Sunstone soldiers awaiting the final battle]

"My lords, fires in the night light the castle wall.
They are here! The storm is drawing near and we are trapped like rats on a sinking ship.
We must keep fighting for our lives, fight until we fall, for there is no other way.

Sunstone must prevail!"

... and a darkness falls, the magnificent sight of a thousand sharpened spears and swords gleaming in the fading light marks the last sunset ever beheld by Karaner eyes.

Thunder boars in the distance and lightning fills the sky as torches are lit throughout the forest, and the Serpent Army sets out to the gates of the Golden Hill.

[Sulthus, Prime Serpent warrior]

"Torturing one's enemy is a principle of warfare
Greatly underestimated by the noble clans
In the name of honour we shall let them follow and their righteous codes

As we burn them all alive, let the Serpent take their lands. To War!"

[Prayers of war from the castle's keep echo in the night]

"The light shall shine
We will arise
Take hearth, now fight

Ride north this night"

[Harsh voices sound the attack - Battlesong of the fearless Legions of Chaos]

"March to the Golden Gate
Set their precious nest ablaze
These men are weak, they won't escape

There's no place left to run

This city is the last to fall

Take it down! Destroy it all!
Their reign will be forgotten
Their kingdom gone

Cleave a path through Karan flesh
Split their skulls and break their backs

We will end it all this night
Never shall they see the light again! ''

... And thus it began...

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