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Elexorien lyrics : "The Curse"

I can feel you dying,
A burning pain deep inside my heart
Silent cries heard in the distance,

A deafening silence is filling the skies

I can feel your heartbeat,

A weak pulse, a sudden tremor shaking up my world
Ever longing for the warmth of your embrace
Ever driven by the lust for your blood

The curse bestowed upon me
Deadly blessing, gift of life,

Nocturnal pull towards the black
Concentrating on my goal,
Desecrating human souls,

Bloody fangs retracted from the neck

After sunset I awake,

I won't leave without a taste
It is you for whom I long
Fear and pain despite

One passionate bite,
Is all you need to extend your life forever on

I promise you eternity,
If you give me what I need
I guarantee you that your spirit will be freed

In the night I am enslaved,
Thirst for blood must be obeyed

Drawn from the one I truly love
An angelic questioned face
A chaotic bloody rage,

Life force taken, saved from going up above

When the moon invokes the need

For the innocent to bleed,
Calling on heavenly delight
Bathing in a crimson flood,

Quenching thirst with thy pure blood
Reciting prayers to a Dark Moon in the night

Return of serenity,
She lost her essence deep within
Drained veins under pale white skin

Sunrise, awaken in a pool of blood,
Silence this frightful silence sounding in my head

The sunrise fills my eyes and now I see the result
Of my nightly escapades

To the twisted pact in nocturnal black
A greater love I could not find,
Now she's lying dead on the floor

With my symbol carved into her bloodred back

One last glimpse at whom I love most

Drawing power from Unholy Ghosts

I've played my part, my blackened heart

Set for you to finally arise
Feel the pull towards the black
The conversion starts, blackening hearts

Soon you will arise... arise!
Feel the pull towards the blood
We are the night... !

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