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ELEVENTYSEVEN lyrics : "Redeem The Scene"

jumping off this cliff into a dream
strum these chords so hard i'm snapping strings
chuggachunk fifth and metal riffs

rockin so hard we're breakin hips
but now its up to us to be the change
and single handedly redeem the scene

stages are for bands
and catwalks are for models

how'd we ever get these two confused
put your girlfriend's pants
right back where you got them

i hate to be the one to break the news
but rock and roll was never meant for you

throw your fist up high then pull it down
throw us out if we're not underground
watching these bands blow up and out

headed up north just to make it south
so now its up to us to be the voice
of giving every fan another choice

i wanna look into your eyes and not just see the dollars signs
i want a tiny glimpse into your soul

the songs that my band loves to sing
are not just songs for marketing
they belong to you to love and hold

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