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ELEVENTYSEVEN lyrics : "ODDs And Even SOs"

No one ever seems to understand her I don't think that her parents even planned her and everywhere she
goes she feels rejected miscommunication is expected

She's crying for direction lost in her reflection all the while pretending she's alive she's trying not
to show it but everybody knows it but something is just killing her inside

Like a recall on your television screen she was someone you would never want to see and things never
worked out the way she planned every drop of blood she had is on your hands


Maybe someday soon when she's alone she'll decide to take a life that's not her own lying on the ground
beside her gun never knowing she's not the only one all she ever needed was a voice telling her that she
could make a different choice now is not the time cause it's too late what good is god doing you when he

is only faith?


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