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ELEVENTYSEVEN lyrics : "Lonely World"

Your eyes are like a tidal wave taking me out
and there's nothing i can do
I'm a shooting star thats headed for earth

I'm gravitating straight to you

Its getting hard to hide this condition i'm in

You've been reeling me in and everybody knows it
I hate it when you leave me
and baby I've been dreamin

that maybe you've been feelin it too

Forever is a lonely word

in a sentence without me and you
If you look it up you'll see
in my dictionary

that underneath forever
there's a picture of you and me

I'm hearing music playing loud in my heart
every time you walk though the door
I'm just as typical as everyone else

but with you I feel like so much more

Its getting hard to hide this condition I'm in

I don't want to pretend so now I've got to tell you
exactly how I'm feeling, and baby I've been thinking
my hand would look so awesome in yours

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa