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?that's true!
You are all the?
Who gonna get upper?

Who gonna get ?
Girl, me?. you know?
You want to think for my?

With me?
Let me feel great
I'll ..and run,

Girl, you? Louis Vuitton
Fling it up, and go me feel your?
If I feel you weak in the bed you're not get?

Position, show me the?.
Position , the one?

Position, grab a..
Broke out, broke out to the energy man!

Bum, tell me love the way when you get me, guarantee
Tell me love the? when you get me, guarantee
No make the boy ?

Tell me you love the way when you get me
Shiffle! ?. No better boy can?

Girl, ? what you want
Make an? when she greeted fast?.
Gimmie? for real? full of?

Long time, tell me?
..just make me take one drop

..when you get me
Love you did, shall I fling it?

That thing between your legs?
Don't make the boy?

Oh, you see me judge a..
..if your body?
..Elephant Don.

..come with me cause I come
..they should know, come on!

Chorus: (x3)

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