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Eleni Mandell : Don't Lose My Trail lyrics

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Eleni Mandell lyrics : "Don't Lose My Trail"

New York City
leaving behind
out the window



stop for a bite
it's raining
Christmas lights

west of Roanoke
Village Motel

green all around the clerk
is wasted

turn the heat up high
open the door and let the cool breeze in
Jackie's got the bed

I'm on the floor
my eyes are open

Nashville, Memphis, Arkansas
a gambler died in Russellville
no one knew his name but my dear grandma

she's in heaven
he's in hell

the slums of New Mexico
we pull in late at night
no blanket on the bed and a cracked window

I'm fully dressed and I'm awake all night

Williams, Arizona's where I want to be

for buckwheat pancakes and hot coffee
serve 'em up fresh, serve 'em up hot
we can make it to Los Angeles if we don't stop

the desert drive goes on and on
a trail of lights follows me back home

I can count the stars when we make it there
I hope to God you don't lose my trail


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