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ELENA GODDARD lyrics : "Why Arizona?"

You and I made wishes
When we first fell in love,
Said we're gonna carry them out, yeah.

Gonna live like gyspies,
It'll be glorious,

Take a different route, yeah.

So why is the bed cold on your side?

Why are you staring at a different skyline?
What happened to love that lasts a lifetime?
And why did you try to hide?

And why Arizona?
You don't know how well I know ya.

You always talked about it in your dreams,
But you also said that you always needed me.
And why travel alone?

Why take the long road?
We had planned adventure and we planned it right,
So why are you gon' leave without me by your side?

And why Arizona?

Everything was flawless,

Luck was shining our way.
You said our dreams were attached, yeah.

Till I came home and found
The wall had words on its paint,
Saying "I won't be back", yeah.

Did something change when my eyes were closed?
How did your heart forget to follow?

Why can't your love outlast a rainstorm?
And why didn't I know?

chorus x2

Tell me why Arizona?

You have ties there,
You were a kid there.
You were in love once,

Weren't you, hun?

But what's in Arizona?

Are you hoping to find her?
Have you always wanted her?
And was I just somebody to love?

The End!

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