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EL-P : The Overly Dramatic Truth lyrics

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EL-P lyrics : "The Overly Dramatic Truth"

(feat. Daryl Palumbo, Camu Tao)

(Verse 1)

I became for you what you had asked
you're too young to ask outloud
I'm too old to not know that

I can talk like you've not heard
I know weapons
you think words I exposed you to these terms

you still chose to roll unheard
that could work but
not so fast

you're so open
I'm so crass
I'm to weak to hold that back

you still think intrigue will last
you can't imagine of my past
I just can't explain all that

I wish I could trad you're place
so romantic full of faith
I must spare you

I must learn
I refuse to be your first
first to put you in your place

first to make you speed your pace
I'm a man now (good or bad)
you're a girl still, (good for you)

don't think this don't make me sad
this is something I must do

keep you own time (leave me be)
trying to spare you (trying to be)

god melodic (man on fire)
coward long gone (all desire)
$#&@ you raw now (it's my fault)

$#&@ you raw dog (I can't stop)
should have listened
should have left

I can't stop unless you're dead
it's so simple...open head
I will knit my savage thread

help me help you (walk away)
leave this un-amazing grace
you don't know you from pure disgrace

you still think I'm here to save
I'm not even really here
I can't give what I can't take

what a ride
what a slide under the door

what a score
you think I'm a genius?
I know I'm a [email protected]^%

what a time
what a climate for our lives
what's in store?

you see live forever
all I see is war
I will pull your hair back

$#&@ you on the floor
pour myself into the act
poor myself (boo hoo I'm bad)

cause I know that these moments end
but telling you the truth is sad
you deserve the ignorance and bliss that I still wish I had

don't you let me keep you here
don't ignore my greatest fear
I need you to not need me

you need not beleive just flee
I will put myself in side you
find some way to run and hide you

I can't be responsible
do as I say, not as I do


this is not my ego talking
I know I'm no perfect draw
and I do love the way you lat there

and I do like the way we talk
maybe I'm just condescending
maybe this thing isn't wrong
maybe you should lay right there
put your hands up in the air

[Fades out:]
You still think I'm here to save

this is my type of religion

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