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EL-P : Stay Down lyrics

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EL-P lyrics : "Stay Down"

[Verse 1]:
You know I get down, I'm a downer, heart pounder, LOLin', smelling like Sarin
Felony forecast: el is, dressed to the nines like a target, dressed like a bullseye for a blind archer

Heart of piranha, swimming where the blood chums water
Lark in the darkness watching, I got it this, boombox burner boy hot %#@!
Burn like an LA sunset, colorful, toxic, snuff stuff, deadly and erotic

Walk like a man not a product, run like a strumpet, talk to the hand sock puppet
Look at them sky write: "$#&@ it, we heart nothin', we don't have a tear for your bucket", life's but a pageant, that ain't on no deep %#@!, try to pull the curtain back crack goes police whip
Here come the stage mums, dress your little [email protected]^%s to display them, cutting through my brain like a ray gun

Telling you these $#&@ers are shameless, Obama to Reagan, look at how they bent to their training
Why would I be angered, not when I can chemically hang glide, angle, face dive mangled, anguish
Notice I maraud odd language, roll a joint

Hit a fraud god 'till he vanquish, bonus point


I'm thrown
With all this chrome and
You sound like you're drowning

Drown drown drown drown
Get down, stay down

[Verse 2]:
You know I get bent I'm a Bender, Futura-Ra-ma-Dom-inant gene gone bad and
Passed along to my blood stream pumping madness, pour a little hell down hatch it's

Standard practice how to detach from a white noise planet with a dispatch straight from command to throw haymaker plus land it, never take a win for granted
Remember the pitch that I sang with, to anoint masses, before, mass graves hatch like magic, everybody bows to the [email protected]$(s, anthem acid dispatchers get rancid, fact of the matter I graph and track hapless, live in a mirage its hard to not crack kid
Whats that? pass it

Wanna watch? I'mma smoke till I'm bat %#@!
Choke like a champion

I'm blown
Like I've been thrown now

I sound like I'm drowning
Drown drown drown drown
Get down, stay down

I'm blown
Like I've been thrown now

Down down down down
Get down, stay down

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