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EIFFEL 65 : On A Stage All Across The World lyrics

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EIFFEL 65 lyrics : "On A Stage All Across The World"

Suddenly it's friday night
Answering the question why we're here tonight
We're the band thats going to rock and roll the crowd

So can you tell me how to get to the stage in town?
We're the poster "live on stage"
We gotta hurry up it's absolutely late

Can I take this picture with you?
But just in case I would rather take two.
And then straight on to the hotel

See you here at 10 o'clock down in the hall
take a rest in a while we gotta go
Cause tonight think on another show

It's time get ready to play
No matter how we try in the end we're always late
20 minutes on the clock

But we'll give it all that we've got

On a stage all across the world

And another concert begins
Soon they'll tell us its time so let's go
People applauding

Jumping at the dance and roll show

And we'll have a great time while we're riding

On the highway and overseas
There is someone at home that's waiting
for you to come back

after the publicity

But it can't be over now

Look at all the people that are getting down
There's a lady that is waving a CD
Can you sign it for my daughter?

She's your big fan
And what a hostile (...) backstage
We've gotta change cause we have a minute free

Just a question for Radio (...)
Could you smile for our local TV?
Finally we can sit for a bite

Go for the lasagne that is always right
And there's someone who doesn't know why
We decided for Eiffel 65

I'm uncertain where do we go?
There's a club where there's another show
Where a DJ plays tonight

And we'll dance to his morning light

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