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EDWIN McCAIN : Wino's Lullaby lyrics

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EDWIN McCAIN lyrics : "Wino's Lullaby"

Well I poured myself from this lonely bottle
My clown shoes got hung in the neck
And I dangled there in amazement

At the man who can't pay the check
Tried to trace my staggering footsteps
As they wander side-by-side

And I?m walking along to the melody
Of the wino's lullaby

Wino's lullaby, wino's lullaby,
Wino's lullaby, wino's lullaby

The path I follow, it wanders
Through laughter and liquor and song
The beautiful shows, the highs and lows

The time always seems too long
Boys and girls are all falling in love
And soaring to dizzying heights

The breakdowns, the shakedowns,
The setups, the knockdowns
Early morning under the lights

Music is my lover
My killer and my surprise

I'm playing along to the melody
Of the wino's lullaby


Well I drag myself from the madness

And follow my heart back home
This woman's she's been waiting
And feeling awfully alone

We suffer here in the silence
As she is starting to cry
I'm falling asleep to the melody

Of the wino's lullaby


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