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EDWIN McCAIN : Thirty Pieces lyrics

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EDWIN McCAIN lyrics : "Thirty Pieces"

Thirty pieces of silver screen
Deep inside our souls
How did we betray our imagination

Watching our futures unfold
Without a whisper for fear of intrusion
We have to see how this part ends

Time out for commercials
Time out to be good friends

But our generation's angry
We're so scared that we can't see
The answer right inside of us

If we can find the place in our hearts where we're all free

Does it see that time works against us

Or does it just march on and on and on
Sometimes it drives me crazy
Proving Nostradamus wrong, so wrong

But we still have secret silos with buttons, codes and keys
We can avert this awful disaster
If we find the place in our hearts where we're all free

And what a tall order
Far be it for me to say

Maybe I'll try a little harder
Starting here today
Or just throw in the towel

Lay down five up the ghost
And join all the cynics
Luckier than most

Maybe I'll check out with a bullet
Would you think less of me
Or would it frighten you enough

Would it rattle you enough
Would it frighten you enough to...

Find the place in our hearts where we're all free

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