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EDWIN McCAIN : Grind Me In The Gears lyrics

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EDWIN McCAIN lyrics : "Grind Me In The Gears"

I'm holding my last breath
It's burning in my lungs
Clenching up my eyes

Bloody up my tongue

For the words that might escape

Are ringing in my ears
Grinds me to a pulp
Grind me in the gears

My frozen spirit aches
I slip another day

Start to lose my grip
Find another way

For the life that might escape
Has been echoing for years
Grinds me to a pulp

Grind me in the gears

I've seen all the faces

They mirror me
And I've felt the tearing...tearing of the teeth

I've given up my ghosts
Barely breathe your name
Offer up myself

Pray you'll do the same

For the love that might escape

Well that's the biggest fear
Grinds me to a pulp
Grinds me in the gears

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