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EDGUY : Down To The Devil lyrics

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EDGUY lyrics : "Down To The Devil"

Roaming the plains
where a number is your name
In a palace

And you'll never find the door
Oh look into the mirror
Is it what you wanna see

Or just a cuddle toy
The vogue has washed ashore

No I don't care what you say
Into the darkness I plough my way
I'm striking out for paradise

To be the one I am

We're going down to the devil

We are striking out for paradise
To bedlam below - down to the devil
The mad parade is comming home

Can't you hear the sound
As they make the hammer pound

Rusty nails into a coffin of your size
To bury you alive
you mature until you're ripe

Then they reap you
When you're beautiful enough
in their eyes

They lurk to wall in your belief
Put up glass ceilings that you can't see

To break down the freak
They don't want you to be

We're going down to the devil...

Oh we're going down

Here's your invitation, your instignation
Your damnation to the hellfire club

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