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EDDIE VEDDER lyrics : "better days"

I feel part of the universeâ?¦ open up to meet me
my emotion so submergedâ?¦ broken down to kneeling

whatâ??s listening?â?¦ voices they careâ?¦

had to somehow greet myselfâ?¦ greet myself

heard vibrations within my cellsâ?¦ in my cells

Singinâ?? laaaâ?¦

my love is saved for the universeâ?¦ see me now Iâ??m bursting
On one planet so many turnsâ?¦ different worlds

singinnâ?? haaaâ?¦

fill my heart with disciplineâ?¦ put there for the teaching
in my head see clouds of stairsâ?¦ help me as Iâ??m reaching

the futureâ??s pavedâ?¦ with better days

night runninâ??â?¦ from something

Iâ??m running towards the dayâ?¦ wide awake

all whisperedâ?¦ once quiet

now rising to a screamâ?¦ right in me

Iâ??m fallinâ??â?¦ free fallinâ??

worldâ??s calling meâ?¦ up off my knees

oh, Iâ??m soaringâ?¦ yeah, and darling

youâ??ll be the one that I can needâ?¦ and still be free

our futureâ??s paved with better days.

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