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Eddie Kendricks : Happy lyrics

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Eddie Kendricks lyrics : "Happy"

Happy make you happy baby

I just wanna make you happy make you happy baby

Ain't too cloudy skies when trouble pressing depression should make you cry i will show you a better side where there's a rainbow shining just for your eyes

Happy gonna make you happy baby don't be sad and blue happy come just for you i will take your frown turn it up side down every, every care i'll chug away some where if a tear should fall down your pretty face it will be from happy let me make you happy baby

For your smile i'll be a clown i'll get my laugh bags and my funny shoes bring your heart and sit right down there is nothing i won't do just to make you happy

I just wanna make you happy baby i'm so close i feel your sorrow too when i'm see you cry my eyes won't stay dry ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, baby can't you i just wanna be i wanna be your happy

I wanna make you happy baby i want, want you in my arms be your blanket keep you safe and warm i want be your guiding light let me lead you down the path of light

Happy baby, baby i won't let them take your smile away

Don't be sad and blue happy come for you i will take a fr

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