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ED SHEERAN lyrics : "Photograph"

Hey, hey, hey

I'm a pizza man with long rabbit ears

If that made any sense at all
Hello taco boy
I see you like'd some taco

So I'd offer you one

Hey, hey, hey

My name is ed and I'm so fly, oh
I would love to go for a stroll under the moonlight

No dvd or computer games just me and you under the star lights, ohhh, woah, woah.

If your eyes glint

What are you telling me?

I don't $#&@ing know where I'm going right now

I'm just hella blind like you, just like you, oh
I'm not black but I can rap just like that kid kanye

But I'm not entirely sure
If I'm a stick
Because I'm just being realistic

Like I'm pessimistic, woah

Yeah, don't regret

Yeah, don't regret

Were great, smoke pot

Hey, hey, hey

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