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EAZY-E : Still Talkin' lyrics

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EAZY-E lyrics : "Still Talkin'"

[Baby Cryin', Scary music, laughin' voice .. ]

Good evening, and welcome to Eazy's playhouse,

you stupid mutha$#&@aaaaaa!

[a low bass metal voice .. ]

Now that you got the album,
what the $#&@ are you gonna do with it,

!#$* !#$* (*##$ (*##$ ...

Eazily I aproach, the microphone because I ain't no joke

Tell your momma to get off of my tip
I have no time to give her my dick
I'm gonna hold it

And walk around the stage and
If you $#&@ up I'm goin' to get my gage and
Unload the barrel and lough

Cuz I'm puttin' led in your motha$#&@in' $$#
Psychopathic, but the ho's are attracted
Because when I'm on hard my dick's at least a yard

In the days of old I was a nut
Now I need at least 3 ho's when I $#&@
Cuz I do a check, nut 1 nut 2

Then I save my nut for when there's nothin' else to do
You're used to the crew, (*##$
Cuz I would never quit

As soon as you think that's it I'm still talkin' %#@!

I told you that ^!$$% was crazy

E boy, that's my boy, godamnit

I got a fable that you need to listen to

It's a funky little rhyme about a (*##$ or a two
One Sharone and the other one Shine
I want to nut but which one do I want?

Shine said Eazy let me $#&@ you blind
And Sharon said E I want to blow your mind
I said $#&@ it, I know what should be done

Just pull your panties down and I'll $#&@ the biggest one
And then I get the other #[email protected] put it in the freezer
So I can always have a on-hold skeezer

Get out to tick it, I do it like that
So I told the ho's to take a big step back
Took the zipper down, I'z wide and said

Here's what I'm gonna put inside
Grab it like a rabbit, grab it let's wreck it
But I won't love you,

When I'm done I'd still be talkin' %#@! ...

That boy'z good

Yeah that boy's good
That motha$#&@a'z talkin' all kinds of %#@!
I used to get #[email protected] like eazy here and every day

You're motha$#&@in' lyin'
How you know I'm motha$#&@in' lyin'?
You're lyin', your dick can't get hard ..

Oh, suck my dick motha$#&@a
^!$$% you lied
Who you're talkin' to..?


[Dre:] Wait a minute, wait a minute, cut that %#@!,


^!$$%z don't see I'm a 100% legit

And you know it ain't about all that bull%#@!
It's about $#&@in' this (*##$ and that (*##$
But not the (*##$ with the 7 day itch, like that ho'

Just throwin' me the #[email protected]
She says she wants to do it like a doggy
She's bad, nobody is badder

But she got more crabs than a seafood platter
(*##$ on the gang move, to skizz me
Just to say "I got $#&@ed by Eazy"

So I slapped the ho' like a pimp
I might be a women-beater but I'm not a #[email protected]
So when the %#@! hits the fan it's outta my mouth
You don't like what I'm talkin' about
All of ya'll can just suck my dick

You can quote me now cuz I'm still talkin' %#@! ..

The boy's good, I told you the boy's good
The ^!$$% has talent
You don't know a damn thing

Yeah, I like that part, bring that %#@! back one more time, Maestro
I can do the bagaloo
That old %#@! did'nt play out in 1967 ...
Hey $#&@ you, $#&@ you ..

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