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EAZY-E : My Baby'z Mama lyrics

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EAZY-E lyrics : "My Baby'z Mama"

(I'm sittin here writin a song about baby'z mothers who try to
Sue the daddies for child support. Even though daddy is takin care
Of the baby but the mother's just, you know, scandalous, not

Just like this hey)

$#&@ my baby'z mama

The (*##$ got drama
$#&@ my baby'z mama
Coz she's the type o' (*##$ that wanna see me broke

Broker than a joke, (*##$ stole my role
And every time I see the (*##$ she needs cash
She make me wanna slap her $$#

Triflin (*##$ always got me in a fit
The low-life-Compton-shoppin-swap-me trick
I wanna kill the ho

Then slam her in the trunc of my six fo'
Coz yo, that ho made my dick grow
And now her lawyer's at every show

Waitin for me to kick in my dough
But before I go I'm on death row
Coz the (*##$ had too much drama...



!#@* MY BABY'Z MAMA ! [7x]
(Trick (*##$ !)

$#&@ my baby'z mama
The (*##$ got drama

And I'm not the one
I should just knock her punk $$# out
While I'm in court payin child support

But then I gotta deal with the father and the steel
And he's the type o' ^!$$% that a ^!$$%'s gotta kill
Make me kick up a grip, I don't like her

Coz the (*##$ is buyin skirts instead of dipers
Beggin so much to hold hands it's startin to look like cuffs
I wish I never $#&@ed

But now it's too late
How much you made ?
Coz accordin to your income

You might have to spend some
Time behind bars
Now ya find it hard

Never thought a (*##$ would pull a stunt like this
I can't do another day with Pamela
So I'm a pay ya, Anna

But I just like to say...


I think of all the money that I spent on a lawyer
I used to be an employer

But now I'm just an employee filin bankruptcy
But now the punk (*##$ can't touch me
Huh! I only call her to check up on my daughter

So now she's got a restraining order
Put me to the curb and had the nerve to axks a bower or dime
(*##$, you must be outcha rabid $$# mind

Huh! Love for start will take much, you see, the (*##$ broke me
So now I need a crutch
But you gotta understand a judge don't give a $#&@

About a young ^!$$% that's down on his luck
So I gotta put the P down and be down for the calls
And give the (*##$ back her drawers

So if ya drivin by and ya see her
Do me favor, give the (*##$ the finger
!#@* HER !


You biiiiiiiiiitch !!!


Haha, that's $#&@ed up!
Go to hell !
We dedicate this number to you, haha
This one's for youuuu !
This evening's news report: See ya 'round, buddy boy...


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