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EAZY-E : Just Tah Let U Know lyrics

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EAZY-E lyrics : "Just Tah Let U Know"

[Verse One:]

It's that man comin up from that land of tha C-P-T

("What's my mother$#&@in name?" - Snoop) Eazy-E
Comin thru with a big lick for '94
Showin alla y'all them true-ass gangsta flows

So bow-wow bow-wow the big dog's in town
And them guts is the only thing a ^!$$% pound
Laid back as I blow a fat sack

Hittin switches for them (*##$es, hittin corners in a Cadillac
So take a ride on tha ruthless side
With the E to the A-Z-Y

That ^!$$% makin more off yo hits than you do
You fools, need to recognize this crew when I roll through
Tryin to speak up on tha OG, ^!$$% you don't know me

Break em off these nuts lil wanna-be
Cause I peel caps if need be
And ain't nothin you gonna bring don't see me

Just tah let U know...

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

One more time for the rhyme again
Comin from the C-O-M-P-T-O-N

Just tah let U know
Just tah let U know

[Verse Two:]

It's the E comin up from the gank

So ^!$$% let me ride all the way to the bank
Coz ain't nuthin on my mind but the gips
Gotta have a grip, run a ^!$$% dip

Back to the pass on the Compton streetz
Where the ^!$$%z get beat when us gangstas meet
And fools gettin mad coz they can't ride like I ride

Front n back, dippin side to side
And it's been like that since I was a BG
"It's the E," that's what they scream when they see me

Mama said every day is like this
Fools screamin that I put em in a twist
Thought you had it bad, isn't really all good

If the homies only knew in the hood
That you was gettin done like a two dollar hoe
It's just a lil something from the E tah let U know...


[Verse Three:]

It's still the C-P-T, nuthin more, nuthin less

On a quest to put that bomb in my chest
Coz them busta-ass ^!$$%z can't see what I'm sayin
They think the E be playin (What ?)

But I ain't givin up nuthin but this glock in yo mouth
So recognize that and get yo punk $$# knocked out
So if you wanna ride ^!$$% jump on in

Sip a cup o' gin. Ain't no friends when it come to ends
So no hard feelings when you ^!$$%z be dealin
With the original Compton criminal

Coz the only thing poppin is a snaps
And ain't no fun when a ^!$$% be tap perhaps
But a ^!$$% like the E ain't trippin though

I'm just here tah let U ^!$$%z know...


You have your own freedom of choice

So you do what the $#&@ you feel like doin
Take it from me, that streetwise mother$#&@er named Eazy E

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