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EAZY-E : Gimmie That Nutt lyrics

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EAZY-E lyrics : "Gimmie That Nutt"

Cruisin' down tha street in my '64

Verse One:
It's like that and it's like this
I took her to tha pad and we started tah kiss

Now my dick's on hard ya know what I'm thinkin'
Took tha panties off and the #[email protected] wasn't stinkin'
Pulled off my draws and we started to begin

Now tha #[email protected]'s wet so my dick slides in
Oh, hiddy hiddy hiddy you hoe
Ridin' from the back so I'm $#&@in' kinda slow

So fee fie foe $#&@ fum
She's scratchin' on my back oh here she comes
Now I gotta get a nutt gotta get a nutt gotta get it quick

Ya know because I love this %#@! so


Gimmee that, that, that nutt [3x]
Gimmee that, Gimmee that, Gimmee that nutt

[Verse Two:]
Okay back back to the $#&@in' basics
You got yours and mine ya want tah taste it

Open wide oh no don't 'cha waste it
Oh %#@! all over ya face kid
Ya know ya know one thing

You know me I like to slang
That dick you know what so roll over girl while I stick it in ya
But I'll turn it wild while I'm ridin' that $$# scream and shout

My name is the same
Just another #[email protected] that I had tah tame soooooooo

uh, get it on baby
uh, get it on baby
uh, get it on baby (lick my ballz honey)


[Verse Three:]
Now I love #[email protected] (love #[email protected])
And #[email protected] loves me (#[email protected] loves me)

Like a lemon to the lime and the bubble to the bee
Ya know its real good a ^!$$% can't resist it (it's real good)
Couldn't be a foot loop (can't be a [email protected]$)) so don't get me twisted

'Cuz in some #[email protected] is the place tah be
Always $#&@in' is the life for me
Spread them legs open far and wide

$#&@ this %#@! just let me put my dick inside soooooooo


uh, get it on baby
uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby (gently put the ballhaaaaa)


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