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EAZY-E : Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix) lyrics

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EAZY-E lyrics : "Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix)"

Yeah, gangsta Dresta steps in this mutha$#&@a and this one goes out tah all
the O.G.'s out there and I can't forget about the baby gangstaz, what's up

^!$$%z, my
^!$$% they came back with some of that old school original west coast %#@!
^!$$% that

got all of y'all in this dig in the first place yeah so run that %#@! E, yeah

[Verse One:]
Cruisin' down tha street in my '64
Jackin' tha freaks clocking tha dough

Went to tha park tah get the scoop
Knuckleheads out there come shootin' some hoop
A car pulls up who can it be

A fresh El Camino rollin' Kilo G
He rolled down his window and he started to say
It's all about makin' that GTA

'Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard

Ya come talkin' that trash we'll pull ya cord
Knowin' nuthin' in life but tah be legit
Don't quote me boy 'cuz I ain't said %#@!

(Straight up, straight up, straight up gangsta wrong ^!$$% tah $#&@ wit
Straight up, straight up, straight up gangsta wrong ^!$$% tah $#&@ wit)

[Verse Two:]
Dotomy's in tha place tah give me the pace

He said my man JD is on free-base
Tha boy JD was a friend of mine
'Til I caught him in my car trying tah steal a alpine

I chase him up tha street tah call a truce
Tha silly cluckhead pulls out a deuce deuce
Little did he know I had a loaded 12 gauge

One sucka dead L.A. Times front page


(Punk, punk mutha$#&@az like it ain't no thang,
Punk, punk mutha$#&@az like it ain't no thang)

[Verse Three:]
Bored as $#&@ and I wanna get ill

So I went to a place where my homeboyz chill
^!$$%z out there makin' that dolla'
I pulled up in my '64 Impala

They greet me wit a 40 and I start drinkin'
And from tha 8-ball my breath start stinkin'
Enough tah get my girl tah rock that body

Before I left I hit tha Bacardi
I went to her house tah get her out of the pad
Dumb hoe said something that made me mad

She said something that I couldn't believe
So I grabbed tha stupid (*##$ by her nappy-ass weave
She started talkin' %#@! what did ya know

Reached back like a pimp slapped tha hoe
Her father jumped up and he started tah shout
So I bombed on pops knocked his old $$# out


(And if a brotha talks %#@! I give him a,
And if a brotha talks %#@! I give him a,
And if a brotha talks %#@! I give him a)

[Verse Four:]
Now I'm rollin' hard now under control

Them wrapped tha '64 around a telephone pole
I looked at my car and I said,"Oh brother!"
Thrown in the gutter and go buy another

Walkin' home and I see tha G-ride
Now Kat is drivin' Kilo on tha side
As they busted a U they got pulled over

A undercovered cop in a dark green Nova
Now Kat got beat for resisting arrest
He socked tha pig in tha head for rippin' his Guess
Now he is caught for doing tha crime
For defense on tha boy he'll do some time


(I'll punk you like that, don't give a $#&@,
I'll punk you like that, don't give a $#&@,

I'll punk you like that, don't give a $#&@,
I'll punk you like that, don't give a $#&@)

[Verse Five:]
I went tah get them out but there was no bail

My ^!$$%z caused a riot in tha county jail
Two days later in municiple court
Kilo G on trial straight caught a fought
Instruct him out tha court said the judge
On a six year sentence my man didn't budge

Bailiff came over tah turn him in
Kilo G looked up and gave a grin
He yelled out fire then came Susie
Tha (*##$ came in wit a submachine uzi
Police shot tha girl but didn't hurt her
Both up state for attempted murder


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