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EAZY E : sorry louie lyrics

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EAZY E lyrics : "sorry louie"

[Hi, Claude again...You remember I told you about my cousin when
I was 15...Well, the year after that, I killed this kid, Louie...
bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger hahaha...

I got away with it...haha...but erm...I wanna apologize to
Louie...I'm sorry Louie...hahaha...]


I knew this muthaphukka named Louie
Every day the ^!$$% talk %#@! but today he tried to do me
He rolled down my block with a pistol and a stare

a black khaki suit and dooky brades in his hair
The muthaphukka think I'm slippin
But I got my gat and a 40 and I'm sippin

Waitin for the fool to get out the car
The stupid muthaphukka thinks I'm a star
But I'm not, I'm the type that kick the ^!$$%z $$#

Fast ! Eazy E's a ^!$$% that'll blast
Hold up, wait, the ^!$$% started to load his gat
I grabbed my bat and ran around the back yo

He's at my window, thinkin I'm playin Nintendo
But the stupid ^!$$% don't know I'm behind him so
he dropped the gat like a stupid muthaphukka

So I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger


I knew this (*##$ named Wheaches
She often want me to f**k her happy $$# on the beaches
But yo peaches be f**kin around with me

instead o' f**kin her man
She's butt-naked with my dick in her hand, yo
As soon as Wheaches started suckin, I saw this muthaphukkin

^!$$% behind the car, and he was duckin
So I told the (*##$ to hold on
You stupid (*##$, put yo muthaphukkin clothes on

I wonder if this ^!$$%'s tryin a jack me
Coz I ain't got my gat with me
%#@!, the ^!$$% started runnin up fast

I thought he was gonna blast, so I hid behind her $$#
She started howlin out "wait", I banked her in the face
But the punk ^!$$% pulled out

He asked the stupid (*##$ did I mug her
So I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger

I'm a muthaphukkin psycho and I don't give a f**k about'em

I kill the ^!$$% and cut off his dick, so you know I got'em
coz ate his brain, left the ^!$$% for dead
Now it's a gallon of blood, drippin from under his bed

(*##$ I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger
(*##$ tried to call the cops, f**k that

I gotta take the girl out with my muthaphukkin bat
Coz I ain't doin 10 in the pen
for a (*##$ and her dead-ass boyfriend

So...I gotta kill the ho
I'm reachin for my weapon slow
That's when I notice some ^!$$% standin by the door

The little ^!$$% sayin "don't kill my mother", so
I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger

hahahahaha Sorry Jimmy

hahahahaha He's dead
hahahahaha I'm sorry, Billy

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