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EAZY E : Real Muthafuckin G's lyrics

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EAZY E lyrics : "Real Muthafuckin G's"


Real Mutha$#&@in' G's...
Real Mutha$#&@in' G's...

Real Mutha$#&@in' G's...

[Verse 1:]

Hey Yo doctor, here's another proper track
& it's phat, watch the sniper, time to pay the piper
& let that real %#@! provoke, see you's a wanna be 'loc

& you'll get smoked & I hope that your fans understand
When you talk about playin' me, the same records that you makin' is payin' me
Mutha$#&@ Dre

Mutha$#&@ Snoop
Mutha$#&@ Death Row
Yo & here comes my left blow

'cause I'm the E A Z Y E & this is the season
To let the Real Mutha$#&@in' G's in
Your like a kid, you found a puppy, now your dapper,

But tell me where the $#&@ you found that anorexic rapper
Talkin' about who you gonnna' squabble wit & who you shoot
Your only 60 pounds when your wet & wearin' boots

{Damn E, they tried to fade you on Dre Day}
But Dre Day only meant Eazy's pay day
All of a sudden Dr. Dre is a G thing,

But on his old album covers he was a she thing
So ^!$$% please, ^!$$% please don't step to these mutha$#&@in' real G's

[Stop him in his tracks & show him I'm ruthless]
Yo Dre. "what's up? [bang]

Every day it's a new rapper, claimin' to be dapper then the Dresta,
Softer than a (*##$ but portray the role of gangsta,
Ain't broke a law in your life, yet every time you rap you yap about the guns & knifes

Just take a good look at the ^!$$% & you'll capture
The fact, that the [email protected]$( is simply just an actor,
Who mastered the bang & the slang & the Mental

Of ^!$$%s in Compton, Watts & South Central
Never ever once have you ran with the turf,
But yet in every verse claim you used to do the dirt,

But tell me who's a witness to your $#&@in' work,
See you never had no business, so save the drama jerk,
^!$$%s straight kill me knowin' that they pranksters,

This is goin' out to you studio gangsters,
See I did dirt, put in work & many ^!$$%s can vouch that,
So since I got stripes I got the right to rap about that,

But ^!$$%s like you, I gotta hate you
Cause I'm just tired of Suburbian ^!$$%s talkin' about they come from projects
knowin' you ain't seen the parts of the streets G

Think you start tryin' to bang around the time of the peace treaty
Wearin' khaki's & mob while you rhyme, little [email protected]$) tried to sag,
But you frontin' at the same time & your set don't accept you,

Scared to kick it with your homies 'cause you know they don't respect you
So ^!$$% please check nuts before you step to these, mutha$#&@in' real G's.

[Verse 3:]
Well, it's the Knocc Out, definition original baby gangsta
Approach me like you hard, mutha$#&@er I'm a bank ya

Shank ya, with my $#&@in' shank, if I hafta
Dr. Dre an' Snoop Doggy Dogg are $#&@in' actors
Pranksters, studio gangsters, busters

But this time your dealin' with some real mutha$#&@ers
G's, ^!$$% please, don't try to step
'cause if you do, then a peeled cap is all that would be left

See young ^!$$%s like me will break you off somethin'
Claimin' my city, but Dre you ain't from Compton
^!$$%s like y'all is what I call wanna be's

& ain't %#@! compared to Real Mutha$#&@in' G's.

Stop him in his tracks & show him I'm Ruthless

Yo Dre. "What's up?" [bang]

I never met a OG who never did %#@! wrong

You tried to diss the Eazy-E so now ^!$$% it's on
You & your Doggy Dogg, think that yall hoggin' %#@!
Both of you (*##$es, can come and suck my doggy dick
Beatin' up a (*##$ don't make you %#@!, but then again some ^!$$%s
Think it makes a man, damn it's a trip.

How a ^!$$% can switch so quick from wearin' lipstick?
To smokin' on Chronic at picnics & now you think your bigger
But to me you ain't nothin' but a (*##$... $$# ^!$$%
That ain't worth a food stamp,
& at Death Row, I hear your gettin' treated like boot camp

Gotta follow your sergeant's directions, or get your $$#
Punked with the Smith & Wesson, learn a lesson from the E
Stay in your place & don't step to Real Mutha$#&@in' G's.

Stop him in his tracks & show him that I am ruthless

Yo Dre. "What's up?" [bang] Boy you should've known by now
Stop him in his tracks & show him that I am ruthless
Yo Dre. "What's up?" [bang] Boy you should've known by now.

Stop him in his tracks & show him that I'm ruthless

Yo Dre. "What's up?" [bang]
Boy you should've known by now, Eazy duz it.

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