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EAZY E : exxtra special thankz lyrics

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EAZY E lyrics : "exxtra special thankz"

19 muthaphukkin 93,

and I'm back in this (*##$,

Shouts go out to these fake as notorius,

Eazy- muthaphukkin- E, the hip hop thugster...

ha ha ha, muthaphukkin wanna bees...

what's up honey...

And to that skinny as, punk muthaphukkin main G az Dre,

I like to say what's up to my (*##$ Dre, ha ha,

Snoop doggy, doggy dogg, what's up ^!$$%, dogg catcha's

Hold on 'cause E makes some moe money, baby.

about to get ya...

y'all better act somebody, y'all better act somebody,

y'all better act somebody, ha ha ha...And if y'all ^!$$%z don't know what's up,

Muthaphukkin mud...

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