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E-DUBBLE : Sidelines lyrics

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E-DUBBLE lyrics : "Sidelines"

i see you sittin' on the sidelines
you follow all the guidelines

you wait your turn and follow rules
i live like I got nine lives
my strife is like what life is like

a battle just like grind time
i say FUCk all those timelines
but you still watch my blindside

verse 1:
from the jump you could tell my attitude was way different

than them dudes tryna rap at you
cuz' half them dudes would use the same platitudes
thinkin' this is gonna get the girl laughing soon

not true homeboy but I like the entertainment
you threw so much money that I thought that it was raining
and so did like 15 other guys, you should try the other side

crazytown live, playing butterfly

Pit stained ed hardy shirts, yeah them' dudes don't like me

but it hardly hurts, i just go home rip another gnarly verse
think about the pretty girl with the darling purse
and when the thoughts get conjured they run the gammet

from how she looks naked to chillin' in the mansion
cuz' that's alot to handle, we scramble
all around hampden like cunningham, randall

but no throwback on, you like throwback songs
we karaoke with our vocab gone
next morning wake up, turned right back on

same clothes as last night live life like poems
and we still look good when we head to brunch
no pomade but my hair's standing up

walk into the restaurant getting stares n' such
but its all good let them suckas glare at us
cuz we'

verse 2:
the hot season came back, so now we back on

you drop a lil' hint about a track to rap on
i hate suggestions but you suggested
alot of stock in you so i'm quite invested

you piqued my interest, my yields are sky high
thoughts of grandeur so we plan for mai thais
-- damn we am fly, easy to hate this

jealousy is tough we don't speak that language
but we go so hard with our thumbs up, dumb luck, no
taught ourselves how to get where we go

and we going till' we get there
ohhing on a jet leer, not yet, but imagination's how we get there
heck yeah, fist up, you can do your fist pump

i don't have time cuz' the grind gets a bit tough
go jersey shore, show you the door
drop %#@! you never heard before

because' I'm peddlin' my gift, ain't settlin for %#@!
every week somethin' new and its steadily legit

readily will peddle cuz' my scooter doesn't fit
can't coast no joke twenty seven different shifts
working for a dick is just something i don't git

so i'm doing what i love and avoiding politics
knowledge and a gift and a drive that doesn shift
I could never be in park I am flying on a whim

riding on a hymn, you can tie me to a sin
i am cutthroat, jesus couldn't help me if he lived
back and forth motion I am $#&@in' till I &&^(

I don't mean to be explicit but that's how it really is
and I can't stop, this is all there is now
if you like some other guy, go and rock his sound

I can always git down, %#@! can't phase me
put your $#&@in' fist up this is black paisley

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